Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally the weekend.

Hi friends! I've missed blogging. I haven't posted since Tuesday. Sorry about that. School has been consuming all of my free time. But, I survived my first week at a new college :) It was no different though. I really like my Thursday night class. My teacher is hilarious and just an over all nice lady. I think I'll enjoy this class. Unfortunately, I do have tons of work to get done by tomorrow which includes reading out of 4 different books, completing 4 quizzes and creating a power point on who I am. Shouldn't be too bad though. At least the snow will keep me in so I can finish everything.

This morning I woke up reading to shower because I was supposed to be meeting my friend for lunch. We haven't seen each other in about 2 years so I was pretty excited to catch up. Then I was supposed to run errands and head to the gym. The weather must have had different plans though. I knew it was supposed to snow way south of Baltimore, in places like D.C and Virginia (we were possibly getting a dusting of snow) but noo, the weather men must not have paid close attention to radar because it started snowing like crazy at 11 AM and hasn't stopped since. My roads are covered. This is the forecast on

Do you see that?! Feels like 9 degrees. Come on winter. You have reared your ugly head enough this year in Baltimore. I'm ready for you to leave town. But I guess you aren't because I saw this at the bottom on the weather screen:

So by the time this whole thing is over, we'll have about 5 inches of snow when we were possibly getting a dusting. So much for a nice Saturday. Ughh. Spring get here soon please!

Are any of you experiencing this terrible weather? I know some states lost power due to the ice and snow. I'm grateful to still have power so it's not too bad. Just a pain in the butt, that's all.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! Any good plans?

Update: The weather channel says now we could get up to 10 in. of snow! Is it ever going to stop? :( Here are some pics. I hate being trapped inside.

my back yard through my window

See those tracks?
Few cars braved the snow and made those.
That's supposed to be a road.
Terrible driving conditions on my street.


Anonymous said...

I am so over the snow...I am ready for some sunshine. Hope your having a great day anyway! XOXO

Heather said...

Us in TN got bunches and bunches of snow...and it's still snowing :(. I'm ready for some sun, but the snow is very pretty at the moment!

Elizabeth said...

Hope you can stay warm this weekend! And get some studying done!!! :-) I will email you soon! :-)

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Yikes! Hopefully it warms up soon for you! I do NOT fair well in winter weather.

Jax said...

Old Man Winter is certainly pissed at us, that's for sure! haha! Crazy that you're all the way in Baltimore and I'm in Tulsa and we're both having similar weather. What is WITH this year?! Goodness! I'm seriously hoping this is it for T town.. I'm over the snow and ice for real. Have a fabulous rest of the weekend and stay warm!!!

Brittany said...

Boo! Sorry the snow ruined your plans!

We got about 8 inches here in TN where we live! It's just snow right now but I'm sure where it has melted and all the slush is going to freeze and not be so nice!

Have fun getting all that wonderful work done! And stay warm girl!

Kelsey Claire said...

That is a crazy amount of snow! We were supposed to get ice, but it never came. Just cold weather for us. 34 degrees. Yes, I know nothing like what you are experiencing but my thin Texas blood is not warming me up! Stay warm!

meredith said...

maybe i should quit complaining...

it's 38 degrees here in houston and i'm hating it!!! i can't even imagine 18 degrees and tons of snow!!

The Wife said...

Oh how I want some snow!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Okay, so I have no idea how because I know I added you to my reader, but you aren't in there which is why I've missed a bunch of your posts. You're safely in my reader now :)

Yay for a good week at your new school. I actually visited the school you go to when I was looking at colleges!

JennyMac said...

Its almost 50 here...Atlanta will likely NEVER see the snow you do in those pics. :)