Thursday, February 3, 2011

School has started.

So I'm sure you know what that means.. less time for blogging :(

So this past weekend, M and I went to a gala for his work. We had such a great time. Free food and open bar with lots of friends there as well. I actually ran into someone I went to elementary school with - small world!

me and M
does this dress look familiar?
I wore it 3 yrs ago, haha.
This is only the 2nd time I've worn it so I figured it was okay :)

Then Monday came and it was time to go to school. I went to the gym in the morning like I said I would and actually felt great doing it! But at 3 o'clock, I was exhausted. I actually went to bed that night at 8:30, haha.

As for my classes, I'm taking Physical Science, a comp. class, Bio, concepts of math class (which I think I'll love because my teacher is amazing), Math internship and science internship. I start my math internship on Tuesday and I'm excited for that. I'll be in 2nd grade this semester!

My days are long and my professors have already loaded up the work for us but I know I'll make it through. It's all about balance. However, blogging does fall to the back burner. As much as I love it, school is my #1 priority right now. I'd like to make Dean's list again this semester :)

This weekend is the Super Bowl. Not to sure what we're doing yet though, or who I'm rooting for. Do I want the Steelers to win because they beat the Raven's? Or the Packers because the Steeler's have won too many times? Who are you rooting for if you're going to watch it?

I finally got my 3 free nail polishs in the mail (less s&h) thanks to Katie! I love the colors and can't wait to paint my nails :)

Thanks girls who have e-mailed me wishing me well in school :)
I'm glad you took the time to think about it!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!