Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Monday Already?!

It was another hot, hot, hot weekend here in MD. I feel like the work week goes so quick and then the weekend is here and before I know it, back to work I go! I can't believe this weekend is the 4th of July. You girls have anything fun planned?! I'm still trying to figure out what is going on :-)

This Saturday M and I went to a Japanese steakhouse. Talk about delicious! We haven't been since last summer so this was definitely a treat :-) We were seated with 6 other girls and 1 guy and they were so friendly! Its always great to sit with welcoming and talkative people. Makes the experience much better :-)

I'm really not sure what's going on with my hair.
Maybe it's caught in my earring or something?

My yummy pina colada!!

The volcano onion. So cool when the guy did this!

Sunday, M and I went to the pool all day. It was hot out but the pool is right by the water so it felt cooler. For dinner, we went to a diner by my house that was also visited by Guy Fieri from the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that airs on the Food Network. The food is delicious! I mean it must be if he visited :-)

Have you ever seen this show?

That night we watched the 2010 BET Awards. We love all kinds of music. This was actually a great awards show. Many different performers and Queen Latifah hosted and she was hilarious! Chris Brown did a Michael Jackson tribute which in my opinion, was so good, but then he broke down crying and couldn't finish singing "Man in the mirror". At first I thought it was all an act, but then the tears wouldn't stop! Did any of you catch this? BET has removed most of the videos so I'm not sure if Google will bring it up or not. Here's a link but I don't know if it'll work.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?
I can't believe tomorrow is Tuesday!

One more thing:
Ms. Tara is having a fabulous giveaway! I suggest you go and check it out!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Any Pilates Do-ers Out There?

Hi! So yesterday on my weekly run to Target (I have a problem and maybe should seek out Target Shoppers Anonymous since I tend to spend much more money there then I should) I left with a new exercise dvd.


I bought this because it came with a band and was only $10! What a deal. I've never done pilates but I've heard great things about it. Today I tried it out. At first, I thought this DVD was too easy but by the time I did every part of it, I was sweating. My favorite was the Pilates for Abs and Total Body Pilates. It's great that each part is only 10 minutes long because there's no time for you to get bored! It really makes me look forward to doing it tomorrow morning. I just wanted to add something to the cardio I do. I also do weights but I'm always up for trying new things.

I know this probably won't give me the same results as compared to doing it in a pilates studio but I figured it will help tone my body and improve my flexibility (I need a lot of help here! haha)

Have any of you ever tried this pilates DVD or any at all?
If so, did you like it and did you see results from it?
Let me know! I don't want to waste my time :-)

P.S - I'm watching one of my FAVORITEEEE movies of all time right now,
COYOTE UGLY!! (from 2000)
Tell me you remember this movie and love it as much as I do :-) haha

Hope you're having a great night!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Reality TV!


This weeks top 2 are top 2 reality shows you would be on!

Love this show so much! I started watching it 2 or 3 seasons ago and quickly became addicted. It's even better that it's on 3 nights a week! Last summer M and I watched it together and we will again this summer. The challenges seem fun and living with complete strangers really broadens your mind about different things! It also doesn't hurt that there's a big money prize if you make it to the end :-)


I would love to be on the real world. I have been watching this show for as long as I can remember! Some of the seasons are terrible because the people chosen are just boring to watch but the drama is something I love haha. I think it would be cool to live with 7 different people from across the U.S and form friendships that way. The people on this show either seem to get along so well or can't stand each other at all. It's only for 3 months so I would definitely be able to do it :-)

What shows would you be on?!
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Monday, June 21, 2010


How's it going? 

Hope you had a great weekend. The weekends always fly by so fast don't they? You work all week and look forward to the 2 days you have off and before you know it, it's back to work again.

Friday night I didn't do too much because I had to babysit for a friend who had a wedding to go to. By the time I got off, I was exhausted. Little boys seem more difficult to watch in my opinion. Always on the go! I'm used to watching little girls since I've been with the families I work for for almost 2 years.

Saturday I just hung out around the house until M and I got together. We decided to go play putt putt but only made it to the 7th hole because there were 5 groups in front of us and M was starving. Like tummy grumbling starving and it probably would have taken an hour & a half to finish the game. So we decided to leave and go eat. We came home around 11 and watch You, Me and Dupree, such a funny movie!

Sunday was of course Father's Day. M and I went to the pool for a little bit before heading over my aunt's to see my dad and attend a cookout. We had such a fun time! My aunt had a ton of food, snacks and drinks. She also organizes all of these fun little games for everyone to play. We played guess the tie where each dad submitted a tie and we had to guess who it belonged to, create a slogan for a picture, Scottish trade game which takes a while but is fun (if you want to know how to play, leave a comment asking because it takes a little while to explain lol) and then the jockey game. I'll explain this one. There are 6 players: Me, 3 of my cousins, step-sis, and cousins gf. We all were numbered 1-6. The people not playing had to pick a jockey based on the name but they don't know who the name belongs to. My name was Lickity Quick (M came up with it lol). So we all line up and a big die is rolled. If it lands on your number, you take a step forward with your horse. Who ever gets to the finish line first wins.. Wanna know who the winner was?

Me of course! Haha that's my dad :-)
Terrible angle! My face looks huge!

My fan club!
L to R - Step bro, family friend, me, dad, cousin

Me and M - he didn't chose my horse though
because then that would have been too obvious

step sis, me, step mom

My dad video tapped the whole race.
It's like 6 min long and I can't get it to upload.
I guess it's a good thing though because it's sort of embarrassing.

I look rough in these pics because it was about 94 degrees
this day! Talk about hot and sweaty! Thank goodness for tents.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I love when the mail man comes . . .

But I love it even more when the FedEx man comes because look what he brought me:

(the picture quality isn't the best, I apologize)
My new Madison OP Art Sateen Audrey.
I'm so excited to use it but more afraid of getting it dirty lol
During the summer, I tend to switch my bags up a lot.
It's been a while since I treated myself to something expensive
so I decided to go ahead and buy it :-)

P.S - I finally updated my blog roll! 
P.S.S - I'm in the process of fixing my blog look and I'm fed up with it right now so that's why it looks unfinished. Don't mind it please! It will be fixed by next week :-)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm having a hair dilemma.

 I read in Glamour Magazine the other day that I should only be washing my hair 2-3 times a week, TOPS!

I sort of knew this but only 3 times? Come on!

I go to the gym 4 times a week so right there, I'm washing my hair 4 times because I get really sweating and not washing it would just be gross and I would stink. I like to smell good thank you very much.

Also, I have the type of hair that likes to get greasy after one day.
I do not condition my roots or let the condition sit on my head for more than 30 seconds but my hair STILL continues to look limp and blah after not washing a day.

The only time I can get away with skipping washing is if I just had my hair freshly highlighted or I go the pony tail route which I don't mind because I could always wash my bangs and make it look presentable.

I've tried baby powder, and yes, it does work, but not for the entire day.
I've also tried dry shampoo but I forget the brand I used and I didn't see a difference in my hair

I want to keep my hair healthy and washing, blow-drying and straightening all the time is damaging it so I need a solution.

Here's my question for you ladies:

If you're dealing with this, what are you solutions for not having greasy hair or what do you do to your hair so that you don't have to wash it every day?

Do you use dry shampoo? If so, what kind? Names of brands, please.

If you have perfect hair that's on your side and you only have to wash it 2 to 3 days a week, then I'm pretty much jealous of you but share your tips anyways.

Thanks so much for your help!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Hi! Hope you ladies are doing well and had a fun weekend. I sure did. My camera has been dead so no pictures, AGAIN! I suck, I know. Sorry :-( M and I went out on his uncle's boat yesterday from 10-4 in 94 degree weather so I have a not very nice looking sunburn. It'll eventually turn to a tan. I guess applying SPF 30 every hour just doesn't work when the sun is in killer mode. It also doesn't help that I went out in the sun with really pale skin. I'm glad I don't have pictures to share with you because it looks as painful as it feels.

On to the weekly Tuesday Post.
This week is about guilty pleasures.

1. Shopping.
This may seem like a given to some but I kid you not, I get giddy over going shopping. Oh and if there's a sale going on, watch out cause I get really excited. Window shopping, online shopping, shopping where you fork over the money, etc. This is terrible, but if I'm in a sad, crappy, bad mood, all I need to do is going shopping and I'm happy again :-) It doesn't have to be a large or expensive item, it could be as simple as a new OPI nail polish. I know some of you are able to relate to this. RIGHT?!

2. Diet Soda.

 I like Diet Pepsi if it's in a can or a bottle

Or Diet Coke if it's from the fountain.

Some people have to have their coffee, I need to have my diet soda. I only have one a day so I have it under control :-)

What are your guilty pleasures?
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Friday, June 11, 2010


Just some thoughts that have been running through my mind:

1. I hate ironing. Now that M has to wear dress clothes to work, he ALWAYS asks me to iron because he says I do it better but I can't stand doing it! I'm not sure why but it's not something I enjoy. Thankfully he's starting to take all his dress shirts to the cleaners so I no longer have to do it.

2. Another thing I hate is when people don't think you for letting them over while driving. I mean is it really that hard to stick your hand out the window or raise an arm up showing thanks? Guess so. Rude people suck.

3. Do you ever get the hungries? What I mean by this is no matter what, you're hungry all day! You could eat your meal yet the hungry feeling never goes away. I hate hungry days, especially when I took a class at the gym anddd did extra cardio. Pointless if all I want to do is keep eating!

4. This is my 100th post! Wow, you'd think I'd come up with something better to talk about then random, unimportant things but, sorry, I can't think of anything. I'm shocked because I really didn't think I'd stick with the whole blog thing but what can I say? You ladies sucked me in and convinced me it's a good thing. Thanks for continuing to read about my oh-so-not-interesting-but-tries-her-best-to-convince-you-it's-interesting life. You're great :-)

5. On the topic of blogging, I'm in need of a majorrr revamping of this blog. The look I have going on now is terribly boring. Black and pink? Come on Brittany, I know you can do better than that! Do you girls know of any great people who do blog makeovers that don't cost an arm and a leg and are friendly and patient and don't mind picky people? If so, send me their blog links! I'd really appreciate it :-)

6. I love my dog, but sometimes she's just gross. Today while soaking up some rays, I brought her outside with me and as I'm relaxing, I look over and find her rolling around in dirt. Why she wants to get dirty is beyond me. Do your dogs ever sniff out a place in the yard and then continue to roll in it only to become dirty and stinky after wards? I should have just left her inside because then I had to bathe her and that's a whole workout in itself.

That's enough for now. I hope you ladies have a great weekend! ♥

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you wonder . . .

Do you wonder what it would be like to live somewhere completely opposite of where you do now?
I always do. I live in the suburbs. The closet beach resort is 3 hours away. The closest "country" get away is about 2 hours. The city on the other hand is 20 minutes. I was flipping through the TV channels today at work (I'm a nanny, I get to do this when O naps) & came across a channel called WealthTV. They were featuring islands in Bahamas & I fell in love. I was thinking, wow, I could live there and be so content, living on island time. When I'm at the beach, I NEVER want to come home! I'm not sure what it is, but I'm happiest there.
 (both images from

Or what about in the open country where you can walk on without having to worry about cars passing by quickly or where your closest neighbor is a mile or two away. You have your own place to escape all the time. Life is simple.
 (both images from
I know places likes this exist. They have to. I would just like to experience living somewhere, even for a day, other then HERE, where I live now.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have your divorced parents be together?
My parents divorced when I was 13 years old. I believe I took it better then most kids that age do. I knew I didn't want my parents to fight anymore; that they both deserved to be happy. But I was find myself wondering, WHAT IF? What if they were still married? What would life be like? I have a feeling that if they were still married, I wouldn't have experienced half the things I did. Most of my friends parents are divorced as well. It makes me so sad sometimes though, especially on holidays and birthdays. I feel like I'm always having to chose which place to go. I wonder where we would live, how I would look at relationships, how my trust in people would be different. I have a wonderful relationship with my mom and dad. They may have divorced each other, but didn't divorce my brother and I. They still stayed the parents they knew they had to be. I do admire how they handled the divorce because things could have been much worse. I just think of the song "The House That Built Me" because I moved away from that house after my parents divorced. I just sometimes wish my parents were together. But one great thing came from their divorce; my little half-brother B. He's 7 now (from my dad and step-mom) and he wouldn't be here if my parents stayed together.

(google images and

I just have to remember I'll always have the memories of my family together. Change doesn't have to be bad or negative. Great things have come from this  and will continue to and I know my parents are now happier.

I wonder about so many things:
- What would it be like if I had went away to school instead of staying home?

- How would things have turned out had I went to my home high school instead of a technical school in which you have to apply to?

- I wonder how life would be if M and I had never met. I'm so glad he's in my life but what if we never crossed paths? What would we both being doing now?

What do YOU wonder about?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend and Top 2

Hi! Sorry for being a crappy blogger. My job doesn't allow me to be on the computer so it's hard to catch up on blogs. If I don't go to the gym after work, I go over M's house so the google reader gets overloaded and by the time I'm caught up on reading and commenting, I'm ready for bed and too tired to post! Forgive me, please? Good news is I'm only 12 people away from 200 followers and guess what happens then? It's giveaway timeee! Spread the word if you'd like ;-)

On to the weekend happenings . . .

Friday - I had off work so M and I decided to head to the gym together. I did a class called "body pump" which kicked my butt! Here's the description of it:
BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast! I was hanging tough the whole class and felt fine afterwards.. Come Saturday and my legs felt like jello! Literally, it hurt to sit down and going to the bathroom was the worst! I looked like a little old lady trying to sit. haha. I used muscles I never knew I had! I go to Gold's gym so this is where I took the class. I really recommend it! It's always great to change up your workout once in awhile. After that, we came home, ate lunch and I had a hair apt. @ 1. While I was doing that, M just went to the mall. That night we went out for dinner and drinks.

Saturday - My step sister had her 16th birthday party. It was a family and friends party. I feel terrible that I didn't take one picture!! How bad of a sister am I? But I was just so caught up in the cake, presents, games, etc. It was great to see my family though and be able to spend time and have fun. It was so hot that day but the sun wasn't shining so it helped. I stayed there til about 10 then then went home, took Tylenol for my legs and called it a night.

Sunday - I went over M's around 1 to watch his little brother's basketball games. Come to find out, his mom got a bad infection in her eye and had to be admitted to the hospital! It was like a freak accident. Luckily she's doing better now and will be a-okay. We visited her for about an hour then went back to his house. I always cut his hair so I had to do that. I'm a pro :-) We also watched the Lakers vs. Celtics game and the MTV awards (flipping back and forth) and ordered Pizza Hut, my fave! M started his real, after college job today so we headed to bed after it was over.

Overall, I had a great weekend :-) I hope you ladies did too!

On to top 2 Tuesday with Mrs. Taylor:

This weeks top 2 is Books!
I love to read so this was really hard.

One of the first books I read was this:
My mom bought it for me and I love it. It's great to read stories from others that you can relate to. I also love many other Chicken Soup books.

I also love Nicholas Sparks books. Right now I'm reading this:

I guess I love his books because I'm a hopeless romantic. He's also super descriptive which helps to put yourself in the book.
What are you top 2 books? Head over to Taylor's to play along!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my little fur baby's birthday!
Snuggles turns 3 today!
She probably has no idea its her birthday but that's okay :-)

Here's some facts about her:
Name: Snuggles
Nicknames: Snugs, Bug
Breed: Mutt (Pomeranian/Pekingese)
Favorite treats: Bacon bites
Favorite toy: All her babies and mini tennis balls
Favorite Pastime: Sleeping and playiing catch.
Best Trait: Being lovable
Worst Trait: Having selective hearing and ignoring me

Here's some of my favorite pictures:

Snuggles at 7 weeks old.
We named her Snuggles because look how fluffy she is!
So cute and could fit in the palm of my hand.

She enjoys licking the ice cream bowl

doing what she does best - this pup LOVES to sleep

supporting her home team during football season

hates getting baths! she looks goofy here :-P

obsessed with these mini tennis balls and playing catch

this just makes me laugh - haha
(that's a bone in her mouth)

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm terrible at thinking of titles so this post doesn't have one.

Hi! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day.

This weekend was super hot here. The temps were only in the 80's but the heat index was in the mid 90's. I was dying! I like the summer but not when I start sweating the second I walk out the door.

Friday was just a low-key day. I worked, met mom at the gym, grocery shopped and then relaxed all night with a good movie.

Saturday, I went to the gym again and then M came over around 5. We just hung out and then went to a local restaurant for a drink, appetizer and to finish watching the NBA playoffs.

Sunday was all about drinks and cooking out. M and I went to the gym together, then stopped at the liquor store for some drinks. I love Bud Light Lime in the summer time. We had to wait for the day to cool off before we could fire up the grill. It was so stinkin' hot out! Not even a breeze to cool us off. We grilled hamburgers and hot sausage, yum! We also had watermelon and strawberries; 2 of my favorite fruits.

Monday, Memorial Day, M and I went to the gym AGAIN (4 days in a row, on the weekend? Go me haha, I impressed myself!) My dad's neighborhood was having a "block party" that day so we decided to head over there around 4. Thank goodness for tents to give us shade! It was another hot, hot day.

I was terrible this weekend and did not take one picture. I'm pretty mad at myself! What's the point in having a camera if you don't use it?!

It's now June 1, Tuesday night at 10 and I'm wondering how time has flown by! Before I know it, it's going to be Christmas! Life needs to s - l - o - w down!