Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I'm Loving

I decided to participate in Jamie's WILW!
Her posts are always so positive and she's beyond sweet!
Go check out her blog :-) You'll love it.

This week I'm loving:

1. The fall weather! 

the changing of the leaves :)

2. Football
Not only do I love watching it every weekend, but I love the league M and I are playing in. I played my 1st game last weekend (it's 2 hand touch) and had the best time! A bunch of us from our team went out afterward to the bars the sponsor us for some food and drinks. My legs were pretty sore the next day but it was too fun not to play again :) Can't wait for this Saturday's game!

3. This new candle I just bought
Smells so good! Just like sugar cookies :)
(Bought at Bath & Body Works)

4. All of you!
After reading over my last post, I sounded like I was pouting and not happy. I'm the last one to have a pity party for myself. But you ladies didn't think like that. You all supported and encouraged me! You didn't judge for me writing about how I feel even if it wasn't happy things. Thank you for that! I am grateful for where I am in life and the life I have. One day at a time!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!

Monday, September 27, 2010


So turning 24 last Thursday, 9/16, was a tad difficult for me. I'm far from being on the same path as other 24 year olds. Some are living on their own, engaged, married, mommies, working in their field they chose in college, etc.

Me? I still live at home because lets be honest, I can't afford not to while going to school. I'm not engaged although I do have a boyfriend. I'm a mommy to a dog, not a baby but that's okay with me because I don't want kids ANY time soon. I'm still in college. It's actually tough for me to type these things out. I feel like I "bloomed" much later than others.

After high school, I worked for 2 years. I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in and my parents really didn't have the money for me to go away to school and waste it on my confusion. So when I was 20, I decided to attend community college with my mind heading towards being a nurse. I started taking all of my gen. ed. classes. After doing that for 2 semesters, my younger brother cut his finger pretty bad at work (cleaning the meat slicer at a local grocery store) and I saw the blood and almost passed out. We went to the hospital and I knew at that time there would be no way for me to survive nursing school if I can't handle seeing blood. I decided to switch to early childhood education. Did that for a semester then switched to elementary because there are more grades you are able to teach. When you switch majors, the gen. ed classes switch so I had to take different classes. That leads us to today. I'm finally at a university in a screened program on my way to becoming a teacher. 3 more semesters to go and I'll be certified. I feel like the moment will never come.

I guess not every one who is the same age is at the same spot in life. I should give myself a break. At least I am going to college to pursue a degree, I work, I have a loving bf, an extremely supportive family, caring friends and a loving home.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest.. I didn't do much for my birthday.  Thursday was my birthday. It was raining and just plain crappy out. I had class all day. My mom is too cute though and just had to bring home balloons and cake and have a family dinner.
Ice cream cake - my fav.!
After dinner, mom and I went to get manicures and pedicures.
Very relaxing :)
I got the deluxe spa pedicure - way better than a normal one!

On Friday, M took me to dinner at Bahama Breeze. I didn't want anything fancy and this was perfect. Dinner was delicious and so was my glass of Sangria :) I don't know why I didn't take any pictures. Terrible. After dinner, we went shopping for me then spent the night with just the two of us. Perfect birthday present :)

Something special that happened during my birthday weekend was that my amazing grandparents celebrated being married for 50 years :) It's so cute too because my pop is the ONLY man my grand-mom has ever been with! I just love them. My whole family (M and brother's gf too), including aunt, uncles, cousin, my grandpop's two brother and their wives, went to a nice, Italian restaurant to celebrate. They were so happy to have everyone there.
 The guest's of honor :)

I just love my mom-mom's facial expression in this pic.
She was opening personalized wine glasses :)

Sunday, my dad and step-mom had a joint birthday for me and my little brother B. He turned 8 a day after me.
me & M before going in.
He is a die hard Skins fan so I had to support my boy :)

birthday boy - he didn't have a cake because he had a cake on Friday for his real birthday and one the night before for his Chuck E Cheese birthday party.

another ice cream cake for me :)
Luckily everyone there ate it and I had nothing to take home.

B, B & M being silly :-P

Overall, I had a great weekend and as of right now, I don't feel any older but I'm sure after the new year, I'll start feeling it because I know my 25th will be on it's way :(

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I MISS Blogging! :-( & top 2

Hi! Remember me? Probably not haha. Seriously - I miss you all! I don't get to have my daily fix of blogging anymore because school has been keeping me crazy busy aka taken over my life. Ahhh! And really, who wants to read about my boring school life? That's why I haven't posted anything. Don't worry though - I didn't forget about you ladies! Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday! It really meant a lot :-) I will probably do a birthday post either Wednesday or Thursday.

Since Mrs. Taylor used my idea for a Top 2 this week, I just had to take time out to participate :-) Thanks Tay!!

This week's Top 2 is Top 2 hair products. Since I'm a girl who is at the salon every 2 months or so, I should know about some good products right?

1. It's a 10 (aka - it's amazing)
This little product does 10 things in 1:

1. Repairs dry damaged hair
2. Adds shine
3. Smoothes & controls frizz
4. Seals & protects hair color
5. De-tangles
6. Prevents split ends
7. Stops hair breakage
8. Creates Silkiness
9. Enhances natural body
10. Flat iron spray & thermal protector

My stylist uses it every time I get my hair done so I decided to buy some for myself. It smells so good and really makes your hair so soft. I have definitely noticed a difference since using this on a daily basis. It lasts so long so because this product in the bottle is thick. When half of it is gone, just add water, shake it and you have about 1/4 more :-) You can buy it here.

2. Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo
If you get highlights like me, you'll want this:
This special shampoo erases yellow or brassy tones on highlighted or blonde-tinted hair. So you know after you have highlights for a couple of weeks and they start to seem a little orangish? This shampoo helps for that not to happen :-) It is also specially formulated with color-enhancing chamomile and lavender to brighten your hair - no one wants dull highlights! You can buy it here. I only use it every other day.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to this Girl . . .

Today, I turn the wonderful age of 24.
It's bittersweet to me because its another year away from being young & carefree but I also can't wait for the years ahead of me to see what life brings.

 In my 23 years of living, I've learned and experienced so many different things; from losing loved ones and gaining new loved ones, ending friendships and starting new friendships, going to college and following my heart. I could list so many things life has taught me in these short 23 years but I know I have many more things to learn. 

Here's to being 24 & making the most of it! :)

P.S - I'm still here - just haven't posted because school has
taken over my life I apologize. I'll be back as soon as possible :) 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Favorite Things about Fall!

I know it's not Tuesday yet, but we can pretend.

This weeks Top 2 Topic is:
Top 2 Favorite Things about Fall

1. The Changing Temperatures and scenery

When the temperatures change, it's like a sigh of relief! We have had a terribly hot summer here in MD. I love when the weather is in the 70's with a breeze. It gives me a chance to open the windows and let the fresh air come in! I love how it smells and I think it feels better than having the A/C on. I think it's so pretty when the leaves change colors on the trees. It's already started happening :)

2. Halloween & candles!
(okay, so I cheated!)
I love Halloween and all the things that come with it. The haunted houses, even though I'm a big chicken!, the Halloween parties, pumpkin picking, hay rides, getting apple cider at the pumpkin patch, etc. So fun!

My favorite fall candle of ALL time is:
This candle smells beyond amazing. Seriously, go to the store right now and buy it! You will become obsessed. When you light it, you'll think of fall :)

Other favorite fall things:
- the clothes
- football
- Thanksgiving
- fall decorations

What I hate about fall:
The short days! I hate that the sun sets so early :(

What do you love about Fall? Head over to Taylor's blog and link up!

Just a little update

Wow, when's the last time I blogged? A week ago? Pathetic. Life gets in the way though, I'm sure you understand.

I haven't been up to anything crazy or fun though so don't worry, I'm not leaving you out by not updating! Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, I'm at school and Wednesday and Friday, I'm working, so nothing spectacular goes on then.

This past weekend M & I went to two baseball games. Saturday night we went with people on our football team and had a blast. We went to the local bars afterward. On Sunday, we went to the afternoon game. The weather was amazing both times. However, this day was a tad different because Felix Pie decided to throw the ball to the fans in the stand and instead of someone catching it, it bounced out of their hands and hit me in the head! and then rolled down and a little boy stole it from me. Too bad ESPN didn't catch it on TV. I had a headache for the rest of the night. Go figure. We had fun regardless.

Today is Labor Day. For some reason, no one in my family is having a cookout! What a disappointment. That's okay though because I have a lot of school work to get done for classes tomorrow.

The next two weeks are going to be pretty busy..

I have a ton of work to get done.

This weekend is our first co-ed football game. I don't even know if M will be able to go because he may have to work :(

Then next Thursday is my birthday and I start my internship.
Friday is my little brothers birthday; he turns 8.
Saturday is my grandparent's 50th anniversary. That day I have a football game at 4 but can't go because of my grandparents' anniversary dinner at 3. My brother's birthday party is at 5 at Chuck E Cheese's but I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it :( That night I think M is taking me out for my birthday.
Then Sunday my dad and step-mom are having a combined family party for my brother & I. Ahhh so busy!

Hope everyone is doing great! So glad fall is making it's way here! Some leaves are already changing :) The weather has been beautiful as well.

Have a great week!