Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look what was waiting for me today when I got home...

Two dozen of red roses!

with this super sweet card!

Gahhh, I love this boy:

The best surprise EVER! He knew today was 3 1/2 years (Oct. 28 will be 4) and I completely forgot. We don't usually celebrate half year marks though so this really caught me off guard! It hasn't been an smooth ride (long distance relationship because of school) but it's been worth it! I can't wait for 3 1/2 more years with him!
I love you babe :-)

( Sorry for the mushy post but I just HAD to share! :-) ) 


Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - All about SUMMERTiME!

This weeks TOP 2 is: Top 2 favorite things about summer!
Forgive me now, but I cannot list only 2 favorite things about summer
so I'm going to list my top 5! Summer is my favorite time of year.

1. Going to the beach
As I've said before, I go to Ocean City at least once every summer. When I'm at the beach, I'm such a happy person. Laying on the beach and hearing the waves crash is so relaxing to me! I could stay there for hours, wearing SPF of course. I enjoy the night life there because they have outside bars/clubs and it's so different then being in a sweaty, loud bar. OC also has an endless amount of putt putt places & not to brag or anything, but I'm pretty good :-)

2. Cookouts
(google images)
During the summer, I attend many of these. On Sunday's, if its nice, my dad cooks on the grill and invites the family over. I love when we're all together. M & I also cook on the grill during the summer. I just think food tastes so much better when it's cooked that way :-)

3. 4th of July
Since I was a little girl, I have LOVED the 4th of July. My mom & dad always took my brother & I to see fireworks. Sometimes we went with people from the neighborhood too. We would pack snacks and blankets and make a night out of it :-) The first year M & I started dating, we didn't go see fireworks. To say I was sad is an understatement. At the time, I don't think he understood how much I wanted to see them. I may seem "childish" for being upset about it but it's like a tradition to me. Luckily, the fireworks were showing all weekend and he surprised me with a trip to see them :-)

4. Driving with the sunroof open
and great music playing!
When the sun is shining, there is nothing better than taking a drive with no destination (in a clean car of course lol) with the windows down, sunroof open, and good music playing! Sometimes I do this if I need to clear my head.

5. Summer Clothes!
The flip flops, wedges, sun dresses, shorts, tanks, bathing suits!
Gahhh, I love it all! It's so nice not to have to put on layers and layers of clothing just to go outside. I loathe winter! When I can leave the house in a pair of shorts, tank, and flip flops, I'm a happy girl :-)
(that's just a very random collection of clothes I put together lol)
summer fun

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Remember me? :-) I hope so! School is still consuming all of my time but I did take a little break from it this weekend to spend time with some important people in my life.

M came home for 2 days this week (Thursday night and Friday night) so we were able to spend some time together! On Friday, I had to work a short day so he just stayed at my house until I got home. We knew he had to leave early Saturday morning, like 7:30 early, so we just had a low key night. We went to dinner, Target, the mall because I need to find a dress for his graduation and then to a local bar for a beer. It was a fun night overall :-)
Here's a pic we took:

On Saturday, my little brother, he's 7, had a double header for baseball. I decided to be a good sister and go watch his game :) Even though the weather was less then perfect baseball weather! Think: Cloudy, breezy, drops of rain here & there, about 61 degrees. I was freezing! I stayed for most of it though.

Here are some pics I took of him:

 He's up to bat!
There he goes running home!

Don't mind the poor photos. My camera was dead so I had to take these with my phone. Sadly, his team didn't win :-( After that, my family and I went to eat at a local pizza restaurant.

That night, I was tired and lazy so I finally decided to treat myself to a Versa Spa spray tan! It's subtle but looks good! I'll be getting more for sure :-)

Today is all about homework, the gym and cleaning.
I hope YOU had a FABULOUS weekend!

Only a few more weeks of school and things will be back to normal!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday.

Top 2 items under $15

1. Aquaphor

I swear by this stuff. So much so, that I have a small tube that I carry in my purse. I use it on my feet at night and then put socks on and wake up with the softest feet. They never have to scrape my feet or anything when I get a pedicure because they're so soft. I always use it after washing my hands as well. It keeps them moisturized all day. It's a little greasy when you first put it on but dries right away. I'd choose it over hand lotion any day :-) I highly recommend it.

2. Jergen's Natural Glow 
I'm all for having a tan because I don't want to look like Frosty the snowman, but you will certainly not find me laying in a tanning bed to get it. (I might lay out at the beach though, with spf lol) I'm just really against it; Nothing against any of you who do it! I don't want wrinkles when I'm older, damage to my skin, or worse, skin cancer. I have to get checked every 6 months as it is so tanning beds aren't my friend. (I used to be one of those girls who tanned at least 4 times a week, til my dad had melanoma). Anyways, this stuff works wonders. It gradually gives you a nice summer glow without making you feel sticky, smell gross, or look orange. I've tried A LOT of self tanning products and this is the best so far! Go get it :-)

 What are your top 2 items under $15?
Head over to Taylor's blog and play along!
Enjoy your Tuesday ladies :-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taking a break from school work for . . .

The questions..

1. Mens chests..hairy or hairless?
Well M isn't really hairy at all and I like it that way so I'm leaning more towards hairless :-)

2. How often do you run red lights?
I try not to but if the light is yellow getting ready to turn red, I'll go through it. I'm sort of an aggressive driver :-X
3. If you could raid any celebrity's closet..whose would you raid?

Of course, Lauren Conrad's. I just love her style.
4. Would you rather have more followers/friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog?


5. What makes you feel sexy?
Getting my hair done, M, finishing a hard workout, putting make up on and a new outfit.

6. I get excited when . . . 
When I come home and Snugs is so happy to see me, having my hair freshly highlighted lol, have girls nights, M comes home, taking pictures that turn out good, I know I'm going on vacation, school is over for a while, I get paid, going shopping.. Lots of things make me excited :-) 

7. Are you the "outdoorsy" type or more "indoorsy"?
Well I'd say outdoorsy but not in the sense that I want to go camping in the wilderness or hunting or things like that but I love to be outside when it's warm and sunny doing something such as swimming, cooking out, laying out, taking a walk, etc. 

8. Would you rather have your dream home or a million dollars?
I'd rather have a million dollars because then I could build my dream home and still have money left over to do fun things :-) 

P.S - Don't worry. I know I haven't posted in a while and this isn't the best post ever BUT I am still alive and will be returning soon, I HOPE! I'm drowning in school work :-( I need to be rescued! Miss you all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Monday, April 12, 2010


The test of love is not when we are together.
It comes when we are not together and
realize that despite the distance,
love is still there.

This weekend I went to visit M at school. On Saturday, we decided to drive to the beach since it's only 25 minutes away. Since his entire school goes to the beach after graduation, we went searching for hotels since we will be staying there for the weekend when graduation is over. We didn't book anything but did get a lot of brochures. For lunch, we went to the Dough Roller and it was so good. It was packed though because there was a cheer-leading competition that took place that weekend. The weather was beautiful too!

first time I had my feet in the sand this season :-)

Saturday night we decided we'd go and see the movie The Bounty Hunter. It was a little long but overall, I give it a 4 out of 5. It had some pretty fun parts and kept my interest, which says a lot lol. Plus, I love Jennifer Aniston.

On Sunday, M & I went to the mall for a little bit and ate lunch there. It was beautiful again so we surely didn't want to stay in the house all day. So M, his roommate S, and I decided to play corn hole all day with a few beers in hand :) If you've never played or heard of it, google it. I think we played for at least 2 hours lol people get so competative over it! It's pretty easy too.

All you need are 2 of these and 8 bean bags.

Sunday night, M had a softball game. Him and his friends all play in a league at school for fun. The game ended early because they were up by like 8 and there was no point in continuing lol. I felt bad for the other team.

Overall, I had an awesome weekend!
I hope you did as well :)
I missed my bloggy friends!

P.S - I just realized how MUCH school work
I have to complete in the next 2 weeks:
- 3 papers
- finish 2 entire books
- presentations
- online quizzes
- more that I'm forgetting right now

So if I'm MIA over the next few weeks and don't post or comment as I usually do, I deeply apologize! There's no need to send out the U.S Coast Guard or FBI though because I will be in my room burrying my head in the books wishing the end of the semester was here! I hope I'll be able to get a little blogging in here and there. I'll miss you all :( Take care!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dog vs. Car Wash.

Today, Snuggles and I ventured to the car wash because my car was turning yellow from all of the pollen. She started going nuts when the water started spraying. I don't know what she's so angry about. Don't mind me snickering in the background. Here is her attacking my windows for your viewing pleasure.
Enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who knew?

That's right. I've been officially invited to join the Mafia.

I have the awesome Kelly @ Confessions of a Law School Drop Out to thank!
So thanks Kelly. I appreciate it :-) If you don't follow her, go check out her blog! She's a total sweetheart & just got a new blog makeover that's so cute!

The Instructions:

If you're tagged, or even if you're not tagged,
you can still join in the fun too:
Paste the above picture on your blog.
Tell who tagged you.
Answer the questions.
Pass it on to 10 bloggers of your choice,
and let them know they've been tagged.

The Questions:

1. Who is your style icon?
Lauren Conrad - Hands down. Whether she's dressed up for an awards show or just walking around town, she always has the cutest outfits and looks amazing! I believe I've liked Lauren since she was on Laguna Beach.
I just got a new Glamour magazine in the mail today & she's the cover girl!

2. What is your favorite socialite book?
I just bought these & can't wait to read them! I read both Chelsea & Lauren's 1st book. They were both quick, easy and fun reads so I had to buy their new ones :-)

3. Favorite party theme?
Any party where I get to get dressed up :-)
Halloween parties are always fun too!

4. Go to Halloween costume?
Usually I grab what's in the house. One year I was a cowgirl and the next I was a cute little school girl. I don't like spending $50 on a costume I'll wear only one time. My homemade costumes are better anyways ;-)

5. Extravagance you cannot live without?
My cell phone. This isn't the best phone but it's not too bad. I plan on either getting rid of Verizon and going with AT&T so I can get an iPhone or staying with Verizon and getting a Blackberry.

6. Living person you admire?
I admire my entire family. Each and every one of them has something that I can admire them for. It wouldn't be right to just single one person out. They're all amazing for one reason or another.

7. Greatest Fear?
I've never talked about this, except to my mom, so I'm shocked I'm even going to share this. I'm beyond afraid to die. When I was younger, like 10th grade, I would literally cry at night to my mom because I didn't want to die when I got old. It seems so silly to think about it because I was so young, but it scares the crap out of me. I don't know what comes after this, I believe our soul goes somewhere but where, I'm not sure. It makes me upset now just thinking about it. And then I think about my parents, I don't want them to die either. The whole thing just scares me. I don't know why I'm so afraid but I truly am. I guess the unknown is what frightens me. Don't judge me though because I've never told anyone. I guess I don't like the "end" of things.
I'm almost afraid I'll never have children. It seems irrational to think that as well but I want really children when I'm older. What if I'm not blessed enough to have one of my own? There's no reason for me to think this way but I do. I really can't believe I just told everyone my biggest fears. Ahhh.

8. Trait you dislike about yourself?
I do not take criticism well, at all. I need to learn how to take it and use it in a positive way. I just don't like being judged, period.

9. Which talent you would most like to have?
I would like to be great at one sport. Maybe go to the Olympics!
That would be pretty cool wouldn't it?

10. Greatest achievement?
Ask me in a few years but I don't think I've had my greateset achievement yet. Hopefully by then, I'll be married with a degree in Elementary Education. Maybe with a little baby on the way. Who knows.

Now I tag these wonderful ladies:
Christy @ 25 before 25
Ambs @ Following the Sun
Kelly @ keeping up with kelly & co.

Have fun doing this ladies!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday.

This weeks top 2 is: Magazines

1. Cosmopolitan
I've subscribed to this magazine for at least 2 years now and I just love it! The cover of it makes it seem like a sexual magazine or something but it's not like that at all lol. It has a cover story of the person on the front, fashion and make up tips, real like confessions which are hilarious, a true life section and a few intimate tips thrown in there lol. I'm glad this comes in the mail every month :)  And I only pay $12 a year so you can't beat $1 an issue!

2. Fitness
Now that I've been trying to get back into shape, this magazine has some wonderful tips in it! It has great exercises that you can do in the can in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Fitness also contains great recipes that are super healthy and easy to make. I really recommend this magazine :)

Others I subscribe to:
Glamour (great for all beauty tips)
Self (all around positive magazine)

Other favorites:
People (who doesn't like catching up on celebrity gossip?!)
Us (if People doesn't have a good cover story, I'll buy this one)

P.S - I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I haven't read, posted, or commented on ANY blogs since Thursday. It seems like it's been forever! I hope you miss me too lol. It was a LONG weekend but I'm hoping to catch up on everyone's blog by tonight. I hope you're all doing well and have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Easter!

(found here)

Make sure you know the real reason for Easter.
I hope you get to spend today with the ones you love!
And of course, enjoy some Easter candy or something like this ...

How yummy do these cupcakes look?!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday.

I'm joining Liz this week for Thankful Thursday.

This week, I am thankful for a few things:

The amazing weather we will be having for the next 5 days!
Hello Spring and gorgeous sunshine!
You make me smileee :-D

Next, I'm thankful that M will be coming home this weekend.
I haven't seen him since 2 weekends ago because this past weekend
I had A LOT of things to get done so I couldn't go to his school.

Last, I'm thankful for it being Thursday! haha.
One day closer to the work week being over and the weekend beginning!
This weekend should be fun because Friday M & I will be going out for dinner & drinks then coming back to my house to hang & and maybe watch a movie.

On Saturday, M & I are going to run errands then head to the gym.
Then at night, I think we're going to play putt putt with my brother & his gf.
Possibly dying eggs after that because it's an Easter tradition!

Sunday is Easter! I'll be going to M's, my grandmother's for my mom's side of the family, and then to my dad's. Busy weekend! And of course, miss Snuggles will be joining us for the Easter festivities :)

If I don't post from now until possibly Monday, please forgive me!
It will be beautiful out so I don't want to spend too much time on the comp.
Hopefully I'll find some time to read and comment though.

P.S - Thanks to all of the wonderful ladies who commented on my last post! It was great to find who has been reading my blog and meet some new friends! I'm also thankful for you bloggy friends! You're all amazing :-)

And one more thing - Happy April Fools Day!
Luckily I haven't gotten any jokes played on me yet ;-)

Sorry for the crazy long post!!

Enjoy your weekend!
P.S.S - Sonja is having an AMAZING giveaway! Including OPI nail polish, 2 books, giftcard, and jewelry! If you become a new follower of hers, mention my name so I get an extra entry please!