Sunday, January 24, 2010

I know it's only January but . . .

Bathing suit weather will be here before we know it! It's always such an anxious time for me. Buying bathing suits freaks me out because, to be honest, I'm not super confident with my body. That's ok though because this year will be different. My diet and workout routine starts tomorrow. I WILL be confident in a bathing suit this summer. I WILL wear a bathing suit with pride and not hide myself. Who's with me?!

Now, on to some cute bathing suits. I tend to buy halter top bathing suits rather than triangle tops. I feel they hold me in better. Here are some bathing suits I think are super cute:

I just love the big pink polka dots

This is absolutely adorable in my opinion

I really like this top

Plaid is super cute

You can't go wrong with a plain black bathing suit
Flattering on almost anyone

 Purple is EVERYwhere this year
I actually like this purple bathing suit

This is a pretty cute cover up
I really like the color

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What type of bathing suits do you like? Which of the above bathing suits do you like best? Are you ready for bathing suit season?!


M said...

I am so ready for it to be summer!!

meredith said...

i love bathing suit season!! more excuses for me to go shopping!

i always love black swimsuits, and i like white ones when i'm really tan!

Classic Chronicles said...

I like the bathing suits when the top or bottom is solid and the other half print. I also like halter top suits, they def have the most support!

Brittany said...

All those bathing suits are soo cute! Esp the pink polka dots and the purple one!

I'm so ready for some warmer weather!!

Brittany said...

You'll have to let us know which one you chose.. but if you live anywhere warm you might as well buy them all! You can never have enough swimming suits!

Heather said...

I really, really like the pink polka dot suit in the first picture. I would definately wear it!

I'm not AT ALL confident with my body either. I really just don't like bathing suits.

Allison said...

I like to blk polka dot one. Oh, I am definitely thinking about my swimming suit body now!

Join the Gossip said...

Not ready for bathing suit season at all! Never really am ; )

Love that first one though, very bright and pretty!

Elizabeth said...

I have been thinking it too! I saw a really cute one at target, well in the AD this week, so I might just have to head over that way this week to look at them all...and BUY one!!

Kelly said...

LOVE all of those suits! I'm definitely going to reward myself with a new one too once I've lost a few lbs :-) I LOVE polkadots so I've been pining for that first suit for a while now. And I absolutely love the purple damask printed bikini! Thanks for giving me something to obsess about! :-)

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

ohh I love the plaid one! Jcrew has had some adorable ruched ones the past couple of seasons that I love but I tend to stock up on cute ruffly bikinis from victoria secret. I like solid bottoms and printed tops, also solid colors-particularly black, white and jewel tones!