Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pointless Post.

This may seem like a pointless post to many of you, but I just have to ask the question. Why, Heidi? Why? I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and saw this magazine while waiting in line. Sadly, I'm a fan of The Hills and decided to read the new People Magazine. This is the cover of it:

I was SHOCKED when I saw this. Heidi looks completely different and in my opinion, FAKE.
Heidi had already had a nose job and breast augmentation in 2007. I am all for "fixing" things that you can't change with exercise or diet to make yourself more confident but there comes a point when you need to stop. Some of you might not agree with it but I have nothing against her for the first two surgeries. But, when I saw this cover and read that she had 10, yes 10 surgeries in one day, my jaw hit the floor. The surgeries she had were:

1. Mini Brow Lift
2. Botox in forehead and frown area
3. Nose job revision
4. Fat injections in cheeks and lips
5. Chin reduction
6. Neck liposuction
7. Ears pinned back
8. Larger breast implants (DDD)
9. Liposuction on waist, hips, inner and outer thighs
10. Butt augmentation

Ok, let's be real here. I know she is trying to get into the singing business but she is 23 years old!! This is how she used to look before her surgeries:
She was so pretty before so why change your appearance to the point where you don't look like the same person? She might feel better about herself for a while but I think there are deeper issues that she is trying to cover up by getting surgery.

The topper of all this? She wants MORE. I just cannot comprehend any of this. It's sad actually. I think she needs to seek help because this could be an addiction. Anyone agree with me?

On another but disappointing note, my poor Raven's ended their season last night by losing to the Colts :(  Peyton, I'm sorry but I do NOT like you.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Heather said...

Oh gosh, she doesn't even look real anymore. I thought she was really pretty before any of the surgeries. Now she looks like those women who can't smile anymore because of all the surgeries. She needs help.

p.s. - I left you a little something over at my blog :).

Kelsey Claire said...

She looks like that lady who wanted all the surgeries to look like Barbie. At 23 really? I mean what is she going to do when she is 60 or 70 and might really need some plastic surgery! I am watching my Cowboys loose right now! I feel your pain.

Brittany said...

Cheer up.

You can be a Vikings fan now. We'll let you!


As for Heidi.. I just wonder how low someones self esteem must be to alter ones self to such extreme measures!

P said...

Yeah, I think she looked better before too. It makes me sad. She just looks plastic now.

Jax said...

I saw that on tv and gasped! I mean.. really... how insecure with oneself do you have to be?! It seems like it has to be a sickness...I mean right? Wow. It's sad really...

Michelle said...

I was suprised between seasons of the Hills when her appearance completely changed. I already thought she had gone too far and looked fake after the first two surgeries. I personally think she looked better and more natural before. Now I think she is fake. I can't even watch that show anymore because it seems so scripted to me. Heidi and Spencer's conversations with the neighbor kid present are the worst!

Elizabeth said...

It'd a little much I would say...what is happening to out world?!!? Scary!!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

She used to be so cute. It makes me so sad :(