Thursday, February 18, 2010

Attention Bloggers - Especially New Followers.

This is very important ladies!
I have been meaning to tell you something.
It's about replying to comments you leave me.
It has been bothering me for a while.
It makes me really sad when I cannot reply to your
wonderful words that you leave for me.
So the lovely Katie has written a wonderful PSA.
Please take the time to read it and follow the directions!
Thanks! Can't wait to reply to you :-)

P.S - Thanks for the well wishes and advice the other day regarding my migraines!
It meant a lot to me ♥ You're all too sweet!


Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Hey! I am a new follower! I wanted to repost that post too! So much easier to reply to a comment in an email!

Kelly said...

I posted about this a while ago too and I'm SOO thankful when others do as well. It's SUCH a bummer when you can't repond back to some of your most faithful commenters!

Hope your day is going well :-)

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Thank you for telling me about this! Now it's fixed!!

Juliana said...

Hey Britt-You know, I fixed mine and it is sooooo frustrating because I STILL do not get notifcation from other blogs, I have to go back and look at them if I remember. Grrr. I need to seriously figure that out.

Anyhoo--I am SOOOOO proud of you. My hubby and my mom did the 3day last year. The baby and I volunteered and went to almost every cheer station. I misted people and played rocking tunes. Johns mom and ALL four of her sisters are survivors and I am too. So---you totally rock. The 3day will change your life.

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Who wouldn't want to get your sweet email back?

P said...

I only recently put my email address back on my blog (I had a bad experience on my last one) but I like that I'm now getting replies from people I've commented on. It makes me smile. :)

mommywonderland said...

I know whatcha mean! Hope more peeps fix the settings!!

Justine said...

Hi! I am a new follower! Love your blog!! I went to my setting and made sure my email is attached!!
P.S. I was reading you post about migranes..I get them more often then i would like and peppermint tea works wonders. Simply boil the tea bag in a cup of water in the micro for like 2-3 mins. Let it cool and just sip on it. Hope this helps!!

Kimberly said...

I listen to Katie this morning and added my email to my blog!! LOL

Erin said...

I'm a new follower and LOVE your blog! Being new to blogging, I never even thought about that! Thanks for the "advice!" Mine's all fixed!

Elizabeth said...

I didn't even realize my email was not attached! I fixed it now :)

M.J. said...

I couldn't agree more--I hate when I can't respond to a commenter when I'd like to keep the conversation going.

PS - I'm a new follower. Hello! Hi!

VKT said...

Great blog!

Rasha said...

Thanks for commenting on my bog. Loving yours!

Rebecca Watson said...

cute cute cute blog! i'm a happy follower now! follow me

looking forward to chit-chatting with you! :)

happy saturday!!!