Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Grandparents.

For some reason, last night before I went to sleep, I was thinking about my grandparents. I'm not sure what made them pop into my head but I thought about them for atleast 30 minutes before I went to sleep.

Let me introduce them first before I tell you the reason for this post.
This is me and my mommom on Christmas in 2008. I swear to you, she is a saint; an angel sent from Heaven. This woman does not have a mean/bad bone in her body. I truly look up to her. I would be beyond devistated if something were to ever happen to her. I may not get to see her as often as I'd like, but I know she is always just a phone call away. My parents & I lived with her my first 3 yrs of life. She is also one of the very few people who ever babysat me. Every New Year's Eve when I was little, my brother & I would go spend the night with her and my grandpop while my parents went out to celebrate. I always looked forward to it because she would buy us our favorite snacks and noise makers. I believe the world needs more people like her.

(sorry for the terrible pic - I took a picture of this picture with my cell phone)
This is me and my poppy (my mommom's husband). Why isn't he smiling? Well my grandmom is next to me and she was smiling like I am so we just decided to keep the pic lol. My poppy is quite the character. He is a 21 year old stuck in a 67 year old's body lol. He hates that he is getting old and always wants to have fun. On holidays, he will stand and talk to M the whole time while having a drink and telling old stories. He is always joking around and laughing. He is a great man. My mommom and poppy have been together since they were 16 yrs old. He was her first everything. I think it's so sweet.

This me and my poppop. Do you love the faded jeans and snow boots? How stylish was I?! This pic is from 1991 so I am approximately 4 yrs old here. I love this picture of us so this is why I'm showing this one instead of a more recent one. God bless this man, seriously. His wife, and my other mommom, passed away when I was 6 yrs old. Devistation is not even the right word to use to describe his feelings. He was with her for over 35 years. She passed of a stroke. Sadly, I didn't know her very well. Like most people though, he moved on with his life and married again. He married again when I was 13 years old. Here comes more terrible news; she passed away January 2007. If that's not bad luck, I'm not quite sure what you call it. Two years after that, his mother passed away. So all he has is my dad and grandchildren. He's been through a lot and it has changed him. I understand though and I have no hard feelings about it because I'm not quite sure I could survive through all of that.

Now, the reason for this post is that I feel as though I have been sucking in the granddaughter department. I am the first born and ONLY granddaughter. I feel as though I should be calling and visiting more. I work over 30 hours a week though and go to school full time so it's hard to visit. Here's comes my brilliant and fun/memorable idea..

I was thinking of writing a letter to my mommom & poppy and one to my poppop. The thing is though, I would tell them that they have to write back and cannot call. I would like our letters to go back and fourth. I feel as though it would be a great way to stay "in the know" with them and I would be able to keep these letters forever.

What do you think of this idea? - Are you close with your grandparents? - How do you stay in touch with them? - Any other ideas for me?



Kelsey Claire @Lavender, Leopard, and Lace said...

I think letters are a great idea. I think that if you explained your idea to your grandparents they would also think it is a great idea. They are also from a time when people wrote letters to each other. I bet they would enjoy it!

Cassie said...

aw brittany i think this is such a cute idea! i bet your grandparents would LOVE that! i am extremely close to my grandparents on my mothers side, they have lived next door to my parents my entire life, so they basically raised me right along with my parents. they are both amazing!! and i know how much they love the times i get to come visit, even though i am in the same boat as you, working full time and going to school full time. i always feel bad that i cant see them more often but i know that even the little things mean so much to them. just as if you were to write letter to your grandparents, it would mean so much to them! my grandma is a HUGE reader so i like to read some lighter hearted murder mysteries that she likes and then go talk about them with her, like a little book club meeting, lol :)

sorry for writing a novel of a comment, lol. this is a great post, and i cant wait to hear how the letter thing goes :))

Allison said...

You were such a cute little girl! I think that's a really sweet idea about writing them letters. I know that they would be so excited to read them and get them from you. I only have one grandmother, and I don't see her much either.

Rasha said...

Very cute, I like it.

Ashley Stone said...

such a sweet post! I love my grandparents and am very fortunate to have 5 living still! I had a Poppy too! I write my great grandmother all of the time. She saves every card that I send to her. She always calls me after, but it would be awesome to get a letter back. She's 89 though, so I'll take a call! haha ; )

Brittany said...

Great idea! I keep ALL my letters that I get. I think its a lost art! :)

My dads parents both passed when I was little, but my moms parents are still alive. One of the biggest reasons for moving back to the midwest was to be closer to them. (and all my family!)

My aunt is like my Grandma. She was about 20 years older then my father. Since my gparents passed before I knew them, she filled that roll for me! I talk to her several times a week, and we get lunch once or twice a month. She is in my top 10 favorite people. I owe her more then I can explain!


Christy said...

I think that's a great idea. I try to call my grandmother twice a month and I really should call more. My grandfather has early stages of Alzheimer's which is such a shame because he has had such an interesting life and I feel like there's an endless amount of stories he could tell.

Definitely start writing letters, it's a great idea!

Natasha said...

I think this is a GREAT idea!! I think the same thing sometimes, about how I never have enough time with my darling grandparents--I love to go to their house at least every month to catchup and have dinner with them so they get a chance to spend time with ONLY me =)

Amber said...

I love the idea of writing letters back and forth. It's definitely something you will be able to treasure when you are older. I was such a Nana and Mema's girl as well. They have both gone, but I still think of them often and wish they were here to see me as a wife - give me advice and teach me how to cook!

PS - I left you a little something on my blog!

Elizabeth said...

OH how sweet! I love my grandparents!! They are the best!!

Heather said...

I think writing to your grandparents would be wonderful! Grandparents are very special people...and I love mine dearly!!!

I'm sure they would to write letters back and forth to you :).