Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ladies and well, Ladies .. We Have a Winnerrr!

I want to thank all of those who entered my FIRST giveaway!
I hope I am able to do many more in the future :)

There were 59 entries. I thought there would be more BUT it was
better for those who entered haha. Next time, I want to see more entries!
(I know my blog says 55 entries but some people entered twice but only in one comment. I had to go through and pick those out which made it 59 entries)

I mean come on, who doesn't want FREE things?!

Now without further adieu . . .

Congrats Tara! I love your blog :)
I hope you spend this $40 on something great!
If you don't follow her, you must! She's hilarious.

I was very fair about picking a winner. I took all of the entries and entered them into Microsoft Word. Like this:

Then I went to and let that website randomly choose a number between 1 and 59. This was the result:

#39 was Tara!

Again, Congrats!


Tara said...

YAAAAYY!!!!! i won i won!! thanks so much, lady!! <3 <3 <3

Erin said...

Congrats on your first giveaway! :)

Allison said...

Congrats Tara! It's so fun to win giveaways.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

congrats to her!