Monday, September 27, 2010


So turning 24 last Thursday, 9/16, was a tad difficult for me. I'm far from being on the same path as other 24 year olds. Some are living on their own, engaged, married, mommies, working in their field they chose in college, etc.

Me? I still live at home because lets be honest, I can't afford not to while going to school. I'm not engaged although I do have a boyfriend. I'm a mommy to a dog, not a baby but that's okay with me because I don't want kids ANY time soon. I'm still in college. It's actually tough for me to type these things out. I feel like I "bloomed" much later than others.

After high school, I worked for 2 years. I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in and my parents really didn't have the money for me to go away to school and waste it on my confusion. So when I was 20, I decided to attend community college with my mind heading towards being a nurse. I started taking all of my gen. ed. classes. After doing that for 2 semesters, my younger brother cut his finger pretty bad at work (cleaning the meat slicer at a local grocery store) and I saw the blood and almost passed out. We went to the hospital and I knew at that time there would be no way for me to survive nursing school if I can't handle seeing blood. I decided to switch to early childhood education. Did that for a semester then switched to elementary because there are more grades you are able to teach. When you switch majors, the gen. ed classes switch so I had to take different classes. That leads us to today. I'm finally at a university in a screened program on my way to becoming a teacher. 3 more semesters to go and I'll be certified. I feel like the moment will never come.

I guess not every one who is the same age is at the same spot in life. I should give myself a break. At least I am going to college to pursue a degree, I work, I have a loving bf, an extremely supportive family, caring friends and a loving home.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest.. I didn't do much for my birthday.  Thursday was my birthday. It was raining and just plain crappy out. I had class all day. My mom is too cute though and just had to bring home balloons and cake and have a family dinner.
Ice cream cake - my fav.!
After dinner, mom and I went to get manicures and pedicures.
Very relaxing :)
I got the deluxe spa pedicure - way better than a normal one!

On Friday, M took me to dinner at Bahama Breeze. I didn't want anything fancy and this was perfect. Dinner was delicious and so was my glass of Sangria :) I don't know why I didn't take any pictures. Terrible. After dinner, we went shopping for me then spent the night with just the two of us. Perfect birthday present :)

Something special that happened during my birthday weekend was that my amazing grandparents celebrated being married for 50 years :) It's so cute too because my pop is the ONLY man my grand-mom has ever been with! I just love them. My whole family (M and brother's gf too), including aunt, uncles, cousin, my grandpop's two brother and their wives, went to a nice, Italian restaurant to celebrate. They were so happy to have everyone there.
 The guest's of honor :)

I just love my mom-mom's facial expression in this pic.
She was opening personalized wine glasses :)

Sunday, my dad and step-mom had a joint birthday for me and my little brother B. He turned 8 a day after me.
me & M before going in.
He is a die hard Skins fan so I had to support my boy :)

birthday boy - he didn't have a cake because he had a cake on Friday for his real birthday and one the night before for his Chuck E Cheese birthday party.

another ice cream cake for me :)
Luckily everyone there ate it and I had nothing to take home.

B, B & M being silly :-P

Overall, I had a great weekend and as of right now, I don't feel any older but I'm sure after the new year, I'll start feeling it because I know my 25th will be on it's way :(

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!


Jenny said...

I think you're doing JUST fabulous, my friend, at the age of 24 :-) Afterall, there is no right or wrong path, there's only our own personal path we take. You have tons going for you- and I'm proud to say that I know you- even if it's just through the internet blogging world. Happy Birthday again.

Kelsey Claire said...

We are all at different places at different times. I feel the same way and am about to be 26. Yes, I am married, but that is pretty much all that I have in common with alot of my fellow 26 year old friends. We all get where we are supposed to go eventually!

Brittany Nolan said...

Girlfriend, you have so much going for you right now! Do not get discouraged about where you are in your life. God has plans for you that are bigger than you could ever imagine :). I know sometimes it is easy to get down on yourself but keep your pretty little head up! :)))) enjoy and embrace the wonderful year of 24! :))

CMae said...

Girl you are not a late bloomer! I'm 28, a mom to a dog, not a kid. I'm a girlfriend not a wife. There is no time limit! That's so 1950s mentality! Those young'ins that have kiddos way early and marry way early have a higher failure rate with marriage than those who wait! :) just sayin LOL keep your head up!

Amanda said...

I totally know how you feel. I'm 25, living with my boyfriend (not even engaged yet, no kids, just a dog), I'm finishing college and this is my last quarter and most of my friends are in grad school.

It sucks but its life and everyone "blossoms" at a different time! Nothing wrong with being at the phase you are at 24 :)

Tara said...

girl, you are definitely not a late bloomer. you are still young and you have so much going for you! i know we all get down on ourselves at some point but keep your head up! a hubby and babies will come when the timing is right for you! :)

Brittany said...

My 24th year was the best so far! I hope it is a good for you as it was for me! :)

littledaisymay said...

Sounds like you're on a great path girl! Glad you had a fun birthday :) Ice cream cake is definitely one of my faves too!

Al said...

Sweetie I am giving you a virtual high five, because I totally know how you feel. I have a quote on my blog that says, "We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned in order to have the one that is waiting for us" or something like that...My life is FAR from where I thought it would be right now, but looking at all the decisions you have made, I think you made the right ones. You are making a great life for yourself and you have a loving family and friends. Sometimes the lack of a normal "plan" is the best plan in the world. That is what I keep trying to convince myself...Happy Late Birthday!!!

Heather said...

Girl, don't you for one second feel bad about yourself!! You are doing fabulous for 24! You have a direction and you know where you want to go in life!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

One piece of advice that I can give you is have fun and take your time! Life is SOOOOO fast, so enjoy it. Do things out of order. Laugh. Live. Enjoy yourself! But most importantly, live with the rents as long as possible (but save while doing so)!! Love you and am so glad to see that you had a great birthday!!

xoxo pretty girl :)

Courtney said...

Girl, I'm only 21, but I just gotta say to just have fun while you're young!! There are a lot of people rushing into marriage and kids, and I say to just have fun while you're young! Eventually everything will work out :)

I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year and a half & although I love him to death, I'm in no rush to get married! :)

Cassie said...

aww okay first off, love the pics! especially the last one :) lol

and second, i feel the same way sometimes!! esp the not being married or having kids part because it seems like everyday im seeing someone new my age or YOUNGER that is getting engaged or pregnant. (and you're right, i am totally fine with just being Terry's mommy cause i def dont want kids right now lol). but i always remind myself, the best things come to those that wait!! and you are working so hard and that is the most important thing. you are doing such great things and have such drive, you should be proud of yourself! i know i am proud of you miss brittany :)

just live life one day at a time!

Christa said...
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Christa said... have a lot going for you!!! I feel kind of the same way you do especially the not being married part. I'm actually still looking for Mr. Right. Most of my friends are in relationships or are engaged. I always wonder when will it be MY turn?!

We just have to live one day at a time! Loved all the pics! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you had a good birthday! That ice cream cake looks like it was SO cute!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Love the last pic of you hehe! Glad you had a good bday!

I just turned 27 this year, didn't move out of my parents' home until I was 25. It's hard dude! You are in school and working on your future. Good for you! You seem like an intelligent young woman, try to just think about what the payoff will be for all of your hard work.

Congrats to your grandparents. That is so cool!

Allison said...

It's hard for anyone to really understand how you feel unless they've lived a day in your life. It's hard for me to be thankful sometimes because I feel like I do have bad luck often. Even typing that make me feel guilty. I've had so many wonderful opportunities in my life that other people have not. I'm sure everybody tells you how young you are, and you don't believe them. Well, B, people stop telling it to you when you're getting almost 30! Ha, I'm still at the end of the "You're still young speech." But it's true!! Girl, you have the rest of your life to settle down with kids. (I'm thinking I have a good 13 years of fertility left!) haha! Um, the only issue is that my boyfriend(I mean ex boyfriend) doesn't want to be my boyfriend, and that may be a problem if I ever want to procreate.

Hmm...girl I'm here for ya! I'm saying a little prayer for you!

I'm glad your birthday is relaxing. I guarantee that you have not lived the best years of your life yet, and you have so much to look forward to!

I Do Declare said...

Birthdays can be tough b/c we anticpate them with all these milestones we "should" have accomplished by a certain age. Well, that's just silly (and trust me, I'm almost 34 - hee!)! You're so cute and seem so happy - that's all the birthday gift you really need! I hope you had a perfect day - Happy Birthday!

Amber said...

I think you're doing a great job and planning for your future well. You have a great head on your shoulders and I'm sure you will be so successful!

Glad to see you enjoyed your birthday. Sometimes the low key celebrations are the best. I love the pics of you with your boo and family! :)

Anonymous said...

I came over from YFN and just wanted to say... don't worry about being 24 and not being where everyone else is in life. I went to college right out of hs, graduated at 21 and still had the same feeling. I dated a guy for 5 1/2 years and he didn't want anymore of a commitment so right before I turned 26 (last year) we broke up. Met (back up with) the guy I married 24 days ago. I was 27 when I got married but most people I know where early 20's. I feel your pain :)

Kelly said...

Aww, I think you're right where you need to be if you're happy, Brittany!! I'm not at the norm for my age either (27)-- ALLLLL of my college friends are pregant or have babies. Many of my high school friends are on their 2nd or 3rd kid already! I feel "behind" once in a while... but know that what I have right now is best for us!

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend-- love that you're so close with your fam. Adorable picture of you, M, and your brother!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!! It looks like you had a good one! :)

Brittany said...

That sounds like a PERFECT birthday to me!! :)


You are too cute for words, and so is your little brother!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Aw girl 24 is fine for where your at! Heck I would have liked to change my majors too!

Birthday sounds like fun! I did it mellow too! I loooove ice cream cake but my mom insisted on trying something new.

a life of color said...

Everything happens for a reason....just always remember that. Keep your head up high girl because you are going to have a wonderful very blessed life!! Much love always

Elizabeth said...

Brittany!! Thank you for posting this...I needed to hear this... I sometimes feel this way as well. I see so many girls our age that are married and have a family...Ahhh...and I am no way near it..We will get there my dear! You have so many great things in your life!! I love you dearly!!

Jax said...

First, HAPPY birthday!

Second, girlie, don't worry at all. I'm 29. *gulp-that's still weird to say* and have a serious boyfriend, but don't own a home (and cant afford one) and have a fur child, but that's it.

Here's my piece of wisdom from being 5 years older: DONT WORRY ABOUT IT! Don't rush things! I've never felt the need to play catch up more than when I was 24-25. While I didn't work for two years like you did, I went to law school, racked up a ton of debt...and then ultimately decided not to practice. ABSOLUTELY the best choice for me, but it certainly got me started on my "long term" path a little later than all my friends who were already settled, etc. I freaking switched careers, had no savings, etc, while they were all buying their first homes. It's scary; I understand.

But, I'm happy. And that goes a LONG way. I didnt rush anything. I get pangs of wanting to catch up, but then I'm like "wait.. I'm really happy right now... I need to chill the eff out." haha.. :)

You're rocking. You're doing what's best for you. You're setting up a LIFETIME of awesomeness! This was long and rambly, but I'm cheersing you, gorgeous! Way to go!

Jen said...

Aww Happy Birthday girlfriend :) Don't be so hard on yourself; I think you're doing great!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

It's so hard as you can compare yourself to others each and every day with anything you do .... just do it all 100% with integrity, and that's all that matters!