Monday, November 1, 2010

An update - finally!

So since I haven't blogged since basically the end of September, here's what's been going on in my life...

We celebrated my brother's
21st birthday

Joined and had a blast on
our co-ed football team.
There's more than 7 of us but we're
the ones who always went out afterwards.
We didn't make it to the championship
but there's always next season. Right?

Me and lover boy M celebrated
4 years of dating :-) [10.28.06]
(a pic from the summer time)

Celebrated Halloween.
batwoman & the joker

the warrior & me
What happened to my cape?

me & a vampire
I had to take off the mask.
It was making me sweat!

robin found batman
(we don't know each other haha)

kisses for my joker

She's been good. Just doing what she does best:
Sleeping, playing, and being sneaky.

It's been nuts. There isn't a day that I don't have something to do for it. I honestly feel like we have the same amount of work as nursing students. The school I go to though does have the best education program in the state, which could explain why so much is expected from me. I cannot wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas break! I need a vacation big time.

Other than that, I haven't been up to much. My weekends consist of homework and watching football on Sunday's with the boy and friends. Fall is definitely here. I had frost on my windshield this morning. Life is a little hectic right now but good for sure :)

I hope you ladies are doing amazing! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on any blogs but I'm sure you understand. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm alive and haven't fallen off the face of the earth because I know how worried you all have been (sarcasm). I hope to get around to reading blogs sooner than later! I miss you all and I promise to be back to regular blogging as soon as school lets me breathe for a minute :) For those of you who have stuck around, thank you! It sure does mean a lot.


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Love the batman costume and the joker with your honey! :) Too cute!

Jessica W said...

Your costume was so cute!!
I feel ya on the amount of school work this semester- it is insane for me too -- never had so much reading to do before!

J and A said...

Love your costume! Thanksgiving will be there before you know it! :)

Kelsey said...

You lookes so pretty in your custome!! I cannot wait for thanksgiving, well this semester to be over with lol! Can't wait till your back for good

Kelly Marie said...

LOVED the update!! :) Hope things get a lil less hectic for you lady!!!

Marian said...

Hope things get a little easier!! And I loved your costumes!! Looked great

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Cute costume!!! Looks like you've been doing great!

Aimee said...

Hey no worries about being semi-MIA. WE all understad that life gets crazy. Looks like overall life has been good for you :). Your halloween costumes were so cute... I love the fact that you took a picture with Robin even though you didnt know her.

Sorry school has been crazy. Hopefully it getsa little bit slower for you

Aimee said...

Oh and that is so awesome that you participated in a co-ed league. :)

Brittany said...


I'm glad to get an update!

I love love love your Halloween costumes!

You are one gorgeous bat(wo)man!

Amanda said...

Love the Halloween pictures! I know what you mean about school, I'm getting close to the end and I'm a little panicked.

Jax said...

Miss you and glad to see you're doing well! Totally understand the crazy busy thing! Love the update and the Halloween costumes, girl! :) Keep your head up, it'll be vacation time before you know it! :)

Elizabeth said...

Always love hearing from you! We miss you in the blog world! :-) Glad all is going well! Your HALLOWEEN costume is SO cute!

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

Yay! You looked cute on Halloween!!

Keep up the good work in school!! Graduation will be here before you know it!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Looks like some fun has been scattered in with all of that hard work you're putting in :)

Love your matching costumes! And of course your pup!

Jessica said...

I love that he was the Joker to go with your Batman. Very cute! Looks like you guys had a blast.

You will be done with school soon girly! :D

Heather said...

I love couple costumes, too bad me and Nathan never dress up, haha.

I'm glad to hear that school is going well, even though you're super-busy! It'll all be over before you know it!

Christa said...

You look SOO cute in your Halloween costume! I feel ya girl! I feel like all what I EVER do is write lesson plans!

Ambs said...

Do you play on the Baltimore Social Sports Club league? I want to find a kickball or football beer league so badly around here!!!

Ali said...

such a cute costume!!!!

Ashley said...

Cute pictures! Stopping by from Tara's blog! Loving yours! :)

jules said...

Looks like a great time! Congrats on four years in a beautiful relationship!