Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Recap

Is it just me, or did Christmas come and go faster than you can blink?? I know I spent time shopping and wrapping gifts, but I can't believe it's already January!

Christmas this year was great. On Christmas Eve, I went over my dad's to visit and watch It's a Wonderful Life with him and my step mom. I've never seen the movie but I actually liked it.

On Christmas morning, my brother D and I always go to my dad's to open presents early, about 7:30 AM because our brother B is still young and wakes up early. Plus, he still believes in Santa so he is always excited to see what Santa has brought him. We've had this routine since B was born. Doesn't make my mom too happy though because she doesn't see us until 10 AM in the morning on Christmas.
Dad's tree - an artificial tree that has been
around since I was young, probably 4 or 5 years old.

lots of presents

Buster loves to open presents!

My dad and step mom gave me some great presents:
- Columbia rain jacket
- Columbia fleece zip up (I'm over The North Face)
- gift cards galore
- money
- jewelry

A $10 gift card to Starbucks to the FIRST person who can tell me this:
- name of the movie on the TV
- the little boy's name
- what is going on in that scene
- what the little boy is saying

(This is my ALL TIME favorite movie in the world.
I could recite it word for word haha)

My brother and I got to my mom's around 9:30. (This is why I went to my dad's on Christmas Eve so that I could spend more time with them since I knew I would be leaving early Christmas morning.) She was ready and waiting for us to open our gifts. My mom and her fiance spoil us to pieces but I am more than grateful and she knows that. I always tell her to stop buying me so much though! haha.
Mom's Tree - small compared to what we usually buy!

some of the presents

Snugs also loves opening her presents

haha, look at the paper in her teeth

Mom and her fiance also gave me amazing presents:
- new laptop
- clothes
- money
- Vera Bradley bag for school.
I'm in love with the pattern!

I went over M's house around 1 that afternoon. This was the first time in our relationship I have been to his house on Christmas. Crazy, I know, but usually he comes over my house. It was nice going there though. His mom had a ton of food and I enjoyed spending time with his family. I also was able to give them the gifts I had bought for them. M was so sweet and got me an beautiful Coach watch. I am in love with it! He has great taste :)

Overall, my Christmas was wonderful. I got to spend time with all of my family and that's what matters most to me. Seeing them smile when opening the gifts I gave them is what makes me happy. Not the gifts I receive. I always tell my mom I'd be happy with one gift, and that's the absolute truth. In NO WAY, am I boasting or bragging about what I received. I just want to remember for the future. I hope that everyone was able to spend time with their family over the holiday and that Santa did give you a little something :)


californiadreamin said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas and you walked away with some nice loot :)

Heather said...

What a great Christmas :).

I know the movie is a Christmas Story, but that's all that I know, haha.

Kelsey said...

Glad that you are back! Can't wait for more updates! I seriously LOVE that movie and that is my favorite part its Randy from the Christmas Story and his mom is wrapping/bundling him up to walk to school and he is so tight he says he can't pu this arms down and she doesn't care lol. Seriously we watched this on Christmas Eve and I die laughing at this part everytime and my family thinks I am weird.

Jessica said...

A Christmas Story - Randy is saying "I can't put my arms down!" as his mom bundles him up for school.

And I now have to admit that I hate that movie, and get picked on for it ALL the time. Everyone makes me watch it!! Hahaha!!

LOVE that Vera bag - my fave color is retiring so I'm stocking up on stuff now. ;)

Marian said...

Seriously, you made out like a bandit for Christmas. I love everything...you lucky girl!!!

Adorably Distracted... said...

looks like your Christmas was a blast!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! You got some great gifts for Christmas!!! It looks like it was an awesome time!