Monday, January 4, 2010

Puppy or no puppy.

Ok, so I've REALLY been wanting to get a puppy; probably a Chihuahua. Snuggles is home alone during the day and I feel bad for her. It might seem odd, but she seems to be depressed; not wanting to play and just doesn't seem like herself. She loves other dogs and gets along great with them and I think it would really make her happy. So let's weight the pros and cons of a new puppy..

- Snuggles would be happy
- She would get a new friend
- Snugs wouldn't be alone during the day
- The puppy is just so so cute (a long hair chihuahua)

- The responsibility period. I can't just come and go as I please. This new pup would be depending on me for everything.
- House training isn't so easy.
- My mom wouldn't be too happy. (yes, I still live at home)

So . . . Do i put my selfishness aside and get a new friend for my little girl or should I be a responsible pet parent and do what is best for me and the puppy? Which would mean not getting the puppy until the time is right?

Help people! Opinions please :)


brittany said...

i think pups need friends. but that's just me :)

count me in as a stalker, err...follower! ;)

Elizabeth said...

I found your blog from Brittany! Yes, get one!! :-) I love my little one, and I have been thinking about getting another little one for Rosie....Rosie is my chihuahua!! I'm a follower!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I don't think I could ever raise a puppy by myself. SOOO much work, but they are adorable!

Hey, you should participate in Where In The World Wednesday tomorrow! It's a feature on my blog and it's a lot of fun to find new blogs to read :)

FashionAddict said...

OMGOsh, that puppy is ADORABLE. My puppy was definitely worth all of the work. If you put in the time at the front end, it makes training sooooo much easier. We were very strict with mine the first few months, and he listens to us very well.