Tuesday, January 5, 2010

target obession.

Ok, am I the only one OBSESSED with Target or what?

So today, I got off work early. Instead of sticking to my new year's goal of exercising at least an hour a day, I decided to should go to Target instead. Because walking around, browsing at things I do not need, is considered to be exercise right?! Say it is please.

It's not like I wasn't there about a week ago. I'm pretty sure they didn't get anything new in. But yet, I was sucked in by my obession and gave in. The only thing i REALLY needed was mascara and face wash; yet I ended up leaving with a $43 bill.

What did I buy you ask? Nothing necessary that's for sure. Just said mention items and a few storage bins because my closet needs some major cleaning out.

 The mascara I bought is probably, in my opinion, the best mascara on the market.

This mascara just makes my lashes so long and doesn't clump at all. That's a big plus to me because if there's is one thing I will not leave the house with, it's mascara. I feel that it makes my eyes look 10x better. Do you use this mascara? Which brand do you think is best?

The face wash that I bought is one that I haven't tried yet. I already use a face wash prescribed by my dermatologist but I'm told I should wash off my make-up with something else before using the prescription one. So, since I feel like I am starting to get fine lines around my eyes and teeny tiny ones one my head (I'm 23, this should NOT be happening yet! Hopefully no one notices but me) I decided to try one that is supposed to have 7-anti aging benefits in it.
This isn't the best picture. I do apologize. MY camera has been acting goofy lately. Have you ever tried this face wash? Which do you use and think is best? I always like to try new things so do let me know :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Brittany! I just found your Blog! I do use the same mascara and I love it! Have a Good Evening!

I do what I want! said...

I used to use that mascara and I love it! I now wear Dior Show Blackout mascara. It is WAY more expensive but I love it!

As for face wash I am always trying new ones because I can't seem to find one I love!

I'm obsessed with Target too. I go all the time just to walk around.

Elizabeth said...

I love target!! All time fav! Always can find what I need! :-)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I am OBSESSED with Target. I spend money everytime I walk in there, whether I planned to or not.

Erin Elizabeth said...

Target is pretty much my mecca! lol. I got at least once a week and while I don't always buy something, I usually find something I just have to have. :-) Let us know how the face wash works because I am always on the hunt for a good one!