Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not sure I remember how to do this...

Well the last time I blogged, I talked about starting school. It's now July and school has been over for almost 2 months. I had such a wonderful semester! I met awesome new people and made Dean's list again (hey, it feels good when you do well!) It was a tough semester but I'm sure it'll seem like a piece of cake once this next semester starts (senior year). I'll be doing 2 full days of student teaching. I'm so used to co-teaching that I'm a nervous wreck to do it on my own! haha. No choice but to push through and do well!

So what have I been up to over the last 5 months?

In February, it was cold and winter was hanging around for a while. M and I celebrated Valentine's day with dinner.

March, crazy month with school so I don't think much fun was had, haha.

April, school was in full force (thank goodness for friends who are going through the same exact thing and keep you sane during it all!) We even got to take a trip to the aquarium (the joys of being an elem. ed major haha)

in the Australia house, so neat!

so many stingrays and sharks to see;
the coolest was the sawfish..
if you look close enough (on the left and going up),
you can see the nose of the fish that looks like a saw blade.

May - this month couldn't come soon enough. It was the end of the semester! Finals were intense but once they were over, I could breathe a sigh of relief!

Not sure why I don't have ANY pictures from May until now, but I'm sad about it! I didn't take pictures of my mom's or Matt's bday, the pictures that I took from when I went to the beach are on my broken phone (dropped it down the steps, but hey, now I have the white iPhone so it was worth it! haha), and no pics from the 4th of July. Waaa.

Fast forward to now - summer has been good so far.. I work everyday but I babysit and take the kiddos to the pool so it's fun :) I better enjoy it now while I can haha. Lately we've been under a MASSIVE heat wave though! I'm sure you girls down south can relate. I checked the weather on my phone today and saw this.. unbelievable: Look at the "FEELS LIKE" temp.. how is that possible in Maryland?! So gross.

School starts for me in a little more than 3 weeks (I start when the teachers do) so I'm trying to relax as much as I can.. I'm placed at a school that is 5 min from the bf's house so it's pretty convenient.

On another note, went to the doctor today for a check up and noticed that I have gained 5 lbs in a year! Wth?! This past year was stressful though. I need to get motivated and get back to where I was. Does anyone know of great workout dvd's? It's more convenient to work out at my house than drive 20 some min. to the gym (i do have a membership though, just completely out of the way)

Leaving tomorrow for the beach! I'll be back Monday though. Have a fun weekend :)

I hope ALL of you are doing well, enjoying summer (hopefully taking a vacay) and staying happy!



J and A said...

Hey! Welcome back! :) My fav workout dvds are Jillian Micheals (6 week six pack, Trouble Zones, Get Ripped with Weights...) I also love BodyRock website, she posts a video each day. Each your remainder of summer. :)

Erin said...

I love the Body by Bethenny DVD!

V said...

totally know how it feels to get back to blogging and into the swing of things. Welcome back to blogging :) & You and your man are too cute together!

Sarah said...

Welcome back, lady. I've missed your posts. It was nice getting caught back up through your recap!

Whitney said...

sounds like you have had a great couple of months! the heat is so unbearable. is it fall yet?

tara said...

Welcome back, girl! :)

Jenny said...

Welcome back my long lost Brit!! :) As far as workout know what I'm gonna say.....GET INSANITY!! LOL That junk will whip you back into shape in no time. As you know, I'm currently doing it- and albeit tough, tough, tough, I can see changes in only two weeks: physically and performance wise. Love it!! If you have the dedication to stick with it for the 60 days I can only imagine the results you'd get!

So glad to hear from you!

Miss Chelsea said...

I just started 30day shred... i did p90x for a while but each workout was sooo long

Christa said...

Welcome back! It was good to hear from you. I love Jillian's 30 Day Shred.

Krystal said...

welcome back! :) We haven't forgotten about you! glad the semester went well and is OVER. school always makes me gain weight, im too lazy to cook or shop and always end up living out of my car. sigh. i was in CT for a week and it was over 100, i was so happy to get home to FL where it's not THAT HOT!!

Marian said...

Back again!! Have a blast at the beach. Nice way to beat the heat!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Yay glad you're back!! Sounds like a rollercoaster of a semester but a good one :)